Every story has a beginning. Ours began by solving a problem in the tightening of a bolted joint of the first prototype of a commercial wind turbine, the AWEC 60, the most powerful in Europe in its time, back in the early 90s. The problem was solved by a device hydraulic bolt tensioner, being the first time that this method was used in the wind industry in the world.

At that time, a commitment to the sector emerged. This acquired commitment required obtaining knowledge and experience, working incessantly with such demanding Industries as the Petrochemical, Wind, and Nuclear Industries … understanding their needs, co-creating and developing the best solutions that were demanded over time. But it also required organizing and obtaining the intellectual, physical and human resources that such commitment demanded.

25 years later our commitment is still there, stronger than ever.

Today, October 25, 2020, after 25 years of hard work, effort and dedication, we must look back to thank everyone who has made it possible for us to have reached this moment, and that we remain more focused than ever on the firm idea of ​​continuing to improve and grow as a company.

We must express our gratitude both to all those clients, who trusted and continue to trust us and give us the opportunity to work with them, side by side, as well as to all those suppliers and collaborators who have aligned themselves with us in the search for quality. and efficiency, in many cases, growing and improving alongside us. We are aware that the growth of a company depends on many factors, and one of the most important is the human team that forms it, which we must thank for their great involvement, because without their help and effort it would not have been possible to reach this point.

Proof of our commitment to the future is the imminent start of the construction of a new factory that will mean a considerable increase in the company’s capabilities, in order to provide a better response and service to the different delegations that TEXAS CONTROLS currently has : Brazil (2011); Mexico (2015); USA (2016); Argentina (2018); Denmark (2020).

To all of you who at some point have contributed to our development and participated in this “wonderful madness”, THANK YOU.

© 2017 Texas Controls.

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