Texas Controls, Bergondo

Texas Controls is the first engineering firm specialized in industrial sealing and bolting. As a result of 25 years of experience supporting the Wind and Oil&Gas industries, it offers the most efficient solutions for those projects that require the highest technical capacity, in a quick and close way with each client (partner) that has supported.

The mission of Texas Controls is to achieve the maximum safety and reliability in bolted joints, for this purpose, guides and supplies innovative solutions to the organizations involved. The company's strong point lies in the working methodologies and systems of tightening and sealing, offering a proven experience in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality tools; In addition to training, supervision, calibration, repair and rental services, among others.


Constant innovation is part of the company's DNA, so it makes possible to maximize the safety, performance and efficiency of the joints, providing the most reliable solutions in the market. The company's latest patents are related to data driven tools and traceability systems, which allow a complete joint integrity management, extend its life cycle and prevent accidents.

People are the key piece of Texas Controls: highly qualified, competent and innovative staff, working closely with partners to ensure a full understanding of their requirements.

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