Texas Controls - A bet, A dream

Back in 1988, Texas Controls’ founder was contacted to study a bolting application on a prototype of a wind turbine. The solution was solved through a bolt tensioning device, being the first time this method was used in this industry.

From that day on, he decided to start a long journey to create the best Bolt Tightening Engineering firm. This commitment required to obtain knowledge and experience, working with the pioneers of the Wind Industry at that time and with all participants from there on, understanding their needs, co-creating and developing the best solutions. But it also required to organize and obtain the intellectual, physical, and human resources that such commitment required. Our Engineering Department, our Tech Center, The Academy, State of the Art Factory, Foreign Branches, together with our Customer Agents, Supervisors, Field Engineers are just part of such resources.

Our commitment is still there, stronger than ever.

After all, we realize that the word “Leader” is used lightly by all companies; we believe that the “Leader” is not the biggest, is who sets the path, the course, and in that sense, we can claim to be the Leaders.

Our mission is to achieve the maximum Safety and Reliability in bolted joints, for this purpose, we guide and supply innovative solutions to the organizations involved. Our strong point lies in the working methodologies and systems of tightening and sealing, offering a proven experience in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality tools; In addition to training, supervision, calibration, repair and rental services, among others.


Constant innovation is part of our DNA, so it makes possible to maximize the Safety, performance and efficiency of the joints, providing the most reliable solutions in the market. Our latest patents are related to data driven tools and traceability systems, which allow a complete joint integrity management, extend its life cycle and prevent accidents.

People are the key piece of Texas Controls: highly qualified, competent and innovative staff, working closely with partners to ensure a full understanding of their requirements.

Why Texas Controls: Our Perspective

From day one, our perspective has been to design, develop, manufacture and provide global solutions, from a more holistic perspective of the job to be done. Not only design the best tools, but understanding the needs, the threats, the limitations that our customers confront.

We believe that anybody can copy or even design an already existing concept of tools, but there are many other factors to take into account if we want to really provide value to the industry, that requires a much deeper understanding of the requirements and limitations that the complete process, from wind turbine design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, reliability and even the dismantling of wind turbines and wind farms. Such requirements will force us to contemplate aspects such as:

  • Safety of our systems
  • Reliability of the tools
  • Achieving the right Magnitude and Stability of bolt load
  • Speed, Ease of use and Ergonomics
  • The right calculations, procedures, methodology and control
  • Flexibility and World Wide Support: Systems always working regardless of the hardness or how remote and difficult to reach are the locations. 
  • Assure the correct use of the tools but also the level of qualification required to assure a job well done the first time.
  • Complete Process Control; no uncertainty, no potential liabilities
  • Life Cycle Cost of our systems

Bottom line, our objective and compromise will always be to reduce the cost of our customer’s bolted joints. The cost of a bolted joint includes many factors such as the integrity of the joints, systems and tools that have low life cycle cost, safety and speed, less operators required, availability when needed… It’s of great importance to understand what brought this industry here, it’s history and how it went from a dream to a reality, enjoying of a Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) similar to fossil fuel alternatives, and which our purpose and mission includes our commitment to contribute to keep reducing that cost.

We mentioned Complete Process Control, and this is what we aim at and provide; we believe that our industry needs to celebrate the sale of their wind turbines and wind farms at the contract signing stage, not when all liabilities and responsibilities are due. This is our commitment to our customers. This has required our embedment in the industry, in the factories, in the field, during the operation and maintenance stages and a preventive perspective, being able to analyze and spread communication among departments (avoid silo working) towards a continuous learning and continuous improvement corporate culture.

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