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Texas Controls® is the exclusive authorized Channel Partner of CFR in the territories of Spain, Andorra, Cape Verde, Monaco, France and Portugal. As such We are authorized to sell new CFR® equipment, genuine CFR® repair and service parts, as well as provide factory authorized service, repair and warranty work.

CFR Engines Inc. (CFR®) is a leading global manufacturer of fuel rating test instruments and related equipment. Since 1928 CFR products have been made in North America with advanced technology, robust design, and strict manufacturing processes to deliver fuel testing excellence. Whether a CFR engine with XCP® Technology or a CFR genuine service part, CFR Engine Inc. products continue to provide value and confidence in global Gasoline and Diesel fuel quality.

ASTM Standards

All CFR products comply with the ASTM Global standards:

Two standards organizations have emerged to dominate the global standards landscape:

  • ASTM International (ASTM) – Formed in 1898 as a primarily North American organization, ASTM has now grown to be the global leader in standards development, especially for the fuel rating/testing standards of importance to CFR. Many countries either adopt ASTM standards as-is or with slight variations for to meet their specific needs and domestic use.
    Committee Responsible for CFR Methods: ASTM Sub Committee D02.01
  • Energy Institute (EI) – Was set up in in 2003 because of a merger between the Institute of Petroleum (IP) and the Institute of Energy (InstE). As a global leader of IP methods that relate directly to fuel rating/testing standards of importance to CFR.
    Committee Responsible for CFR Methods: TMS SC- B – 1

CFR Product Applications

CFR engines serve a single purpose with the Octane or Cetane test that they are designed to perform. However, the way CFR products are applied or installed falls into one of three main applications.


Units in a lab application perform fuel tests one at a time, possibly with great variation between samples. The units are operated when needed as an instrument in a laboratory setting.


Units in an online application perform continuous comparative tests per ASTM D2885 between an unknown sample fuel stream and a known proto fuel stream. The units are operated continuously as part of the fuel production/blending operation and provide real time results for refineries.


Units used in research are often customized with added hardware and instrumentation. The units are operated as needed to satisfy an experiment protocol and not a defined fuel testing standard.



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