We offer an extensive set of ancillary equipment, all flange assembly and disassembly related. From nut and bolt cleaning devices, sealing surface or groove inspection all the way to bolt tensioners or high pressure hose test benches.

Our range of Nutsplitters are a fast and safe method of removing corroded or seized nuts without the need for hot cutting, chiseling or grinding.

The wedge design allows the nut to be split without damage to the threads on the bolt or stud. The range of cylinders and interchangeable heads will cover bolt diameter ranges that go from ¾” (M20) all the way up to 3-1/2” (M90).

All cylinders are spring return for fast cylinder retraction and all include an integral relief valve to prevent over-pressurization.

Regardless of being a process plant pipe flange or a wind turbine application, we have a complete range of alignment devices, either mechanical or hydraulic, that can successfully assist you during the high effort demanding activity of obtaining the right flange alignment or re-alignment.

Our range of manual and hydraulic flange spreaders will assist you performing a safe flange separation regardless of having or not having access gap between the flanges.

Easy to use, OUR range of torque multipliers enable small amounts of input torque to produce large amounts of output torque, efficiently and safely.


  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Reversible
  • Low input torque to achieve high output torque


  • Overload protection – protects tool from internal damage
  • Anti-backlash device
  • High efficiency using planetary gear sets
  • Input/output torque charts
  • Angle of turn protractor
  • Multiple styles of reaction
  • Application support