Texas Controls is the european leader in load measurement processes. Many years of experience guarantee the quality of our products and services.

We have carried out hundreds of measurement jobs and thousands of measurements made in many applications and sectors: Civil construction, wind power, petrochemical, oil & gas, etc. which allows us to have as much knowledge as possible of the most advanced techniques currently available.

We offer measuring equipment and services applicable from the initial stage of development to the continuous production, going through the prototyping phases as well as through the study of joints when problems are detected.

Skidmore-Wilhelm provides reliable and accurate testing equipment that helps to understand the relationship between torque and tension.

Bolt testing, tool testing as well as on site daily calibration can be done with the Skidmore-Wilhelm products.

Skidmore Wilhelm’s hydraulic tension calibrator, or bolt tension calibrator, has been the industry standard for testing high-strength bolts since the 1950’s. Our units are required to be used on steel buildings, bridges and other structures using fasteners in tension critical joints.

This equipment can safely be used with hand torque wrenches, impact guns, electric and hydraulic wrenches.

Texas Controls is one of the companies that has done more load measurement work using the technique of ultrasound in all over the world, in many different applications, customers, sectors, etc. This has allowed us to acquire an absolute knowledge about the operation and the possibilities of the ultrasonic technique. We not only supply the equipment but we are also users of it since more than 10 years.

Our flagship equipment, the BoltPilot monitor, was designed with the user in mind, enabling the measurement process to be carried out very simply. It is quick, cost effective and uses the latest technology to measure fastener elongation, load and stress.

The BoltPilot monitor measures almost any fastener length and section thanks to its higher power compared to its competitors. It is specially designed to verify any bolted joint requiring close tolerances in terms of elongation, load or stress. Texas Controls also offers an application calibration service that ensures the result of the bolt monitoring meets customer’s accuracy requirements.