Maintain adequate energy levels for your data logger and communications instruments with a Symphonie PV Panel. Two configurations are available with the appropriate hardware to mount on your tower of choice, whether it is an NRG TallTower or third-party lattice mast. This 15 W PV panel features an adjustable mounting bracket, allowing you to adjust the angle of your PV panel to optimize the charging efficiency at your site’s latitude.

Each PV panel comes with a power cable for connection to your iPack’s PV terminals to charge the internal 12 V battery. This configuration keeps the sealed lead-acid batteries continuously charged—ensuring reliable data logging and communications operations.

Use of this 15 W PV panel paired with an iPack is always recommended to reliably power the long-term autonomous operation of the SymphoniePRO®️ Data Logger. In addition, certain sensors require excitation voltage greater than what is available from your data logger alone, in which case you must use an iPack in conjunction with a Symphonie PV Panel to provide the necessary additional power.