Collect high-quality global and diffuse radiation and sunshine duration using the Delta-T SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer.
The Delta-T SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer measures global (total) and diffuse horizontal irradiance as well as sunshine duration. It is an affordable alternative to shade-ring pyranometers, pyrheliometers, and traditional sunshine recorders. The SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer is exceptionally easy to use, works at any latitude, and does not require routine adjustment or polar alignment.

Direct and Diffuse Radiation: The SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer uses an array of seven miniature thermopile sensors and a computer-generated shading pattern to measure the direct and diffuse components of incident solar radiation. The SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer computes direct radiation by subtracting the diffuse from the global (total) radiation.
Sunshine Duration: The WMO threshold for bright sunshine is 120 W.m-2 in a plane perpendicular to the direct solar beam. The SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer uses an algorithm based on the ratio of direct to diffuse radiation, combined with their absolute values, to estimate sunshine duration to within a few percent of the WMO standard.

The SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer does not need to be adjusted or re-positioned to track the sun — a distinct advantage over devices with shadow rings. There are no complex electro-mechanical assemblies and no burnt paper tracks to interpret.

Outputs and Logging: The SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer provides two analog voltage outputs for global and diffuse radiation, and a digital output for sunshine duration. The sensor is compatible with the SymphoniePRO Data Logger.
This sensor comes with a certificate of calibration and 5m cable. Note that as with all thermopile pyranometers, regularly scheduled maintenance is imperative to achieve the sensor’s specified performance.