The Lectrodryer Fast Degas CO2 System allows for quick degassing of the generator while preventing lines from clogging with dry ice due to the expansion of the CO2. The Fast Degas CO2 System helps reduce the time and cost involved during forced outages by allowing the generator to be purged and brought back online much more rapidly. This system also provides a risk mitigation tool to evacuate hydrogen during dangerous upset conditions.

The Lectrodryer Fast Degas CO2 System has the ability to deliver 370 NCMH (220 SCFM) of CO2 to the generator. The CO2 System controls the CO2 pressure and heats the gas. This system is designed to maintain a set temperature where the CO2 is evaporated, and where further depressurization will not form solid particles or extremely low temperatures.

  • NEMA 4 enclosure with optional Type Z purge to meet Class 1, Division 2, Group B, C, D (for indoor installation)
  • Heater designed to provide consistent flow rate under extreme weather and operating conditions
  • Heater Controller
  • Multiple Alarm Setup
  • Optional CO2 Mass Flow Totalizer
  • Optional Backup Power Supply
  • Available in ATEX and IECEx versions