The Hawk Actuator is a high-performance, rugged line of linear and rotary electrohydraulic actuators and drives. Designed to be virtually service-free, the inherent modular design is realized by three customizable and interchangeable components.

Standard configurations include:

  • The Hydraulic Power Source (HPS) is available in multiple pump displacements according to your speed requirement
  • The Linear or Rotary Cylinder Assembly provides optimum speed and frequency response according to your specific application demands
  • The Power Control System is operationally capable of both basic movement and essential safety-related requirements
Maintenance-free design
100% continuous modulating duty cycle
Low installation cost - simple power & control input connection, mounting flexibility
High-speed operation when performance matters
Complete control ‒ low dead-band, fast response, superior linearity & repeatability
Automatic fail-safe position and ESD functions for safety applications
Low power consumption, motor only runs when actuator moves
All digital control electronics
Various HMI display options available
Programmable operating parameters such as: speed, position limits, acceleration, deceleration, deadband
Built in alarms and diagnostic features
Various stroking speeds
Wide range of ambient temperature ratings
All power & control input options
Spring failure assembly available
Accumulator(s) for ESD operation
Hazardous area ratings
Remote control options


  • Steam turbine controls
  • Gas turbine controls
  • Combustion controls


  • Pipeline valves
  • Tank farm shut-off
  • Control valves


  • Pipeline and tank isolation
  • Blower & compressor control
  • Slurry control


  • Aeration blowers
  • Dampers
  • Control valves
  • Gate & sluice valves