Collect solar data with the highest possible accuracy using the Hukseflux SR20 Secondary Standard Pyranometer.

Recommended when measurement accuracy is the top priority, the Hukseflux SR20 is a thermopile pyranometer that is compliant with the highest category in the ISO 9060 standard: secondary standard.

This high accuracy thermopile-based sensor measures global horizontal irradiance (GHI) and has a spectrally flat response across the full solar spectrum. The SR20 generates a small voltage signal that is proportional to the solar radiation flux, expressed in W/m2.

The SR20 is compatible with all Symphonie series data loggers, and comes with a full sensor-specific characterization to the parameters of ISO 9060, calibration certificate, sun screen, and 5 m (16.4′) cable.
Note that as with all thermopile pyranometers, regularly scheduled maintenance is imperative to achieve the sensor’s specified performance.