3 Cup anemometer for wind turbine control, compatible to digital inputs of turbine controllers, PLCs and other instruments.

Available in two different versions, provide reliably measure wind speed for turbine control in moderate climates.

Benefits include:

• Two-stage contamination protection extends sensor life
• Fully sealed sensor body minimizes dust, dirt, and water ingress
• Sealed cartridge bearing system prevents contamination from affecting the bearings
• Shock-resistant bearing mounting prevents damage caused by rough handling
• Rugged metal head prevents breakage due to accidental drops or icing
• Recommended maintenance interval of 10 years eliminates unwanted trips to your turbines

Aerodynamic Performance
• Threshold of <1.3 m/s
• Accuracy: +/- (0.3 m/s + 2% of measured value)

Sensor range: 0 to 60 m/s (133 mph) or 0 to 50 m/s (112 mph)
Maximum speed: 70 m/s (156 mph)
Signal type: High level square wave frequency Push-Pull (compatible with NPN or PNP inputs) / Current loop, 4 to 20mA, sourced by sensor
Threshold: 1.27 m/s (2.84 mph)
Distance constant (63% recovery): 2.64 m
Accuracy: ±(0.3 m/s + 2% of measured value)
Supply voltage: 8 to 24 V DC (11 to 24 V DC for 4-20mA output version)
Supply current: 25 mA (plus signal output current) / 15 mA (plus output signal currents)
Heater supply voltage: 24 V, AC or DC
Heater supply current: Self regulating, 0.5 to 1 A thermal load dependant
Environmental compliance:
• IP55 per IEC 60529 and DIN40050-9 (Ingress Protection)
• MIL-STD-810F Method 509.4 (96 Hour Salt Fog Corrosion)
• IEC 60068-2-52, Severity 1 (28 Day Salt Fog Corrosion)
• IEC60068-2-38 Z/AD (Cyclic Humidity & Temperature)
• IEC 60068-2-78 (Constant Humidity)
• IEC 60068-2-6, Test Fc (Sinusoidal Vibration)
• IEC 60068-2-64, Test Fh (Random Vibration)
• Packaging meets ISTA 1A (Drop Test)
Operating humidity range: 0 to 100% RH
Weight: 1.36 kg (2.99 lbs)
• Overall height: 241 mm (9.5 inches)
• Swept diameter of rotor: 172 mm (6.8 inches)
• Body diameter: 58 mm (2.3 inches)
• Cups: Black polycarbonate
• Body: Zinc
• Shaft: Stainless steel
• Bearing: Double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings in a protective cartridge

Hybrid XT Anemometer Push-Pull Output

Push-Pull output signal, compatible with NPN or PNP inputs.
Windspeed (m/s) = 0.509 m/s * Hz + 0.4 m/s
Output amplitude equals supply voltage.
Compatibility: Whatever wind turbine that accepts square wave input signals.
Part number: 9380

Hybrid MC Anemometer 4-20mA Output

4-20 mA current loop output signal, sourced by the sensor.
Recommended load resistance 50Ω to 1000Ω (depending on power supply).
Measuring range: 0-50 m/s (4-20 mA)
Compatibility: Wind turbines accepting 4-20mA current loop inputs.
Part number: 9379