Safe and dependable actuation

MEA provides hydraulic actuators and control systems for diverse applications in refining, power generation, mining&metals, and many others.

Reliability and security

Digitally controlled and available with redundant notes, MEA hydraulic actuators provide near 100% reliability, continuous control over your processes and experience less downtime.

Continuous innovation

The MEA Hawk is so uniquely evolved it will change the way you think about actuation.

Complete control

Wherever process flow control raises safety, energy efficiency or quality concerns, MEA designs actuation to provide the performance you need.

Specialists in the designing and manufacturing of custom actuators and control systems, Mechanical & Electrical Actuators Inc. (MEA) has been at the forefront of critical applications in Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemicals, Metallurgy or Water Treatment, providing solutions within the highest levels of accuracy and safety. Leaning on its own skilled and experienced engineering, MEA provides comprehensive solutions to virtually any application requiring robust and reliable actuation and control equipment capable of working for decades with minimal maintenance.

MEA units can accomplish any industrial requirement, complying with both area classification and applicable electrical codes, whether general or particular. At the same time, aware of the importance of a technical support according to the criticality of the applications, MEA has a highly qualified SAT team, available to its customers anywhere in the world.

The definitive solution for any process where the precise control of the opening and closing of valves is required has a name: MEA Inc.


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