Automate the transfer of measurement data from the project site to your desktop through GSM or CDMA network.

iPack Model Part Number Wireless Technology
Symphonie iPackGPS-3G 8979 2G + 3G GSM (GPRS, EDGE, HSPA(+), UTMS)
Symphonie iPackGPS-GPRS 4723 2G GSM (GPRS)
Symphonie iPackGPS-CDMA 4725 2G CDMA (1xRTT)


When used with the SymphoniePRO®️ Data Logger, iPackGPS enables remote bi-directional communication with the SymphoniePRO Desktop Application using our MetLink protocol in addition to the traditional SMTP email data delivery path. MetLink connections can be initiated either by the logger or the SymphoniePRO Desktop Application, allowing you to connect remotely as needed.

Flexible scheduling options and support for multiple data delivery methods provide redundant paths for the transfer of critical resource data. Once established, remote MetLink connection sessions provide full access to the data logger and iPack, including:
• Automated or manual download of data files (alternative to SMTP email)
• Live data viewing for site health checks
• Configuration settings changes in the data logger or iPack
• Firmware upgrades to the data logger or iPack


iPackGPS attaches to a port located on the back of your Symphonie series data logger. The iPackGPS and the data logger are then secured to a Symphonie shelter box using four screws.


The iPackGPS contains one rechargeable 12V sealed lead-acid battery and a recharging circuit. The battery recharging circuit is designed for use with an external 15W PV panel that connects to terminals on the side of the iPackGPS. Terminals for an external power system are also available. This configuration keeps the internal batteries continuously charged—ensuring reliable data logging and transfer operations.


Each iPackGPS ships with an omnidirectional antenna appropriate for sites where a cellular tower is nearby. If a different antenna solution is required, please contact us.


The iPackGPS requires data service and, if utilizing email for data delivery, an SMTP host to function properly. GSM/CDMA and email server accounts need to be obtained from the provider(s) of your choice, and the required settings for the accounts should be programmed into the Symphonie iPackGPS prior to use.

  • Automatic transfer of logged data via email, or additionally, via direct MetLink connection when used with SymphoniePRO
  • Worldwide operation from any location with GSM or CDMA service
  • Integrated autonomous power supply saves installation time and powers entire system
  • Customizable data transmission fits your schedule or application with call intervals ranging from 10 minutes to 14 days
  • WindLinx™️-ready wireless service and web-based management portal
  • Access to network information including signal strength, network operator, modem band, DNS, and IP address
  • Complete iPackGPS history log to monitor events from communication sessions
  • Automated GPS coordinate reporting
  • Ability to remotely update the iPackGPS firmware and configuration