Recommended for early stage prospecting, the Li-Cor LI-200R pyranometer is an excellent general purpose solar radiation sensor.

The LI-200R measures Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) – the combination of Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) and Diffuse horizontal irradiance (DHI). The sensing element measures sunlight in watts per square meter (W/m2) and provides a small current signal that is compatible with any Symphonie series data logger.

The LI-200R is an improved version of the popular Li-Cor LI-200SZ Pyranometer. The new sensor has several advantages:

  • Improved Cosine Response – The new design maintains sensitivity at greater angles of incidence, providing more accurate measurements when the sun is rising and setting.
  • Improved Cable – A new shielded, twisted cable design replaces the old coaxial cable. It has thicker insulation for improved durability and better sealing.
  • Improved Connector – New BNC cable connectors have reinforced strain relief to further improve durability.
  • Removable Cable and Base – The sensor and cable both detach from the sensor base, making it easier to send out for calibration or replace just the cable or just the sensor at your site.
  • Improved Sensor Housing – More robust water shedding and improved sealing prevent water ingress.

This kit includes a calibration certificate, leveling base, and 2 m (6.6′) cable.