The 200P Wind Vane is one of the most widely used wind direction sensors in wind, solar, and meteorological applications worldwide.

Constructed of thermoplastic and stainless steel components, the 200P resists corrosion and features a high strength-to- weight ratio. The 200P is directly connected to a precision conductive plastic potentiometer located in the main body. When a constant DC excitation voltage is applied to the potentiometer, it produces an analog voltage output directly proportional to the wind direction.

The 200P includes a PVC terminal boot for additional protection from the elements. A wind tunnel calibrated version of the sensor is also available. Wind tunnel calibration serves as an additional quality check and record that an individual wind vane is performing normally prior to installation on a met tower. A physical calibration report is included with each calibrated sensor. The calibration procedure is based on the following standards:

  • IEC 61400-12- 1: Power performance measurements of electricity producing wind
  • IEC 61400-12- 2: Power performance of electricity producing wind turbines based
    on nacelle anemometry
  • ISO 16622: Meteorology – sonic anemometers/thermometers
  • ASTM 5366-96: Standard Test Method of Measuring the Dynamic Performance of Wind Vanes