The 40H Anemometer is an unheated three-cup anemometer that provides high precision wind speed measurements.

The 40H is based on the NRG 40C Anemometer, one of the first anemometers designed exclusively for the wind industry. This Hall Effect version is engineered for electrically noisy environments and instrumentation that requires a square wave signal. The 40H is most commonly used as a control sensor, either on small wind turbines or to trigger PV tracker stowing in dangerously high winds.

The 40H’s Hall Effect switch produces a high level square wave voltage signal with a frequency proportional to wind speed. This signal is easy to interface to a wide range of industrial devices including turbine controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and data loggers. A 5-26V DC excitation voltage with 5 mA of current is required.
Constructed of rugged Lexan cups, the 40H is molded in one piece for repeatable performance. A PVC terminal boot is included with each anemometer for additional protection from the elements.