The MEA Phoenix provides a complete, tailored hydraulic actuator solution for DCU valves, including Wilson Snyder switch valves. Its coke drum feed switch valve process is fully automated, allowing operators to complete delayed coking operations accurately—and safely—by simply pushing a button. Although the initial cost may be higher, the Phoenix offers drastic long-term savings over the life of the valve through its longevity, durability and simplicity. As they do not need steam in the operational process, there is also the added eco-benefit.

A standard system configuration consists of a single Hydraulic Power & Control Unit (HPCU) that controls a lift & turn actuator which is coupled to the valve.


  • Hydraulic fluid reservoir
  • Pump drive train
  • Fluid conditioning system (optional)
  • Dual hydraulic fluid manifold
  • Control manifold
  • Accumulators
  • Control system
  • Manual valves
  • Pressure gauges

Lift & turn actuator:

  • Cylinder seats/unseats the plug (can exert up to 60,000 lbs. to unseat)
  • Bi-directional hydraulic motor for precise control of plug rotation
  • Encoder and proximity switches sense the plugs position
  • Mechanical stop prevents accidental switch to bypass
  • Manual operation still possible
  • Bolt-on integration to currently installed switch valves (installation in less than 2 days)
  • Single source for new valve & actuator

Safety, reliability and ease of use designed into every unit:

  • Hydraulics can operate for 10-year run, trouble-free with prescribed preventative maintenance program
  • Easy retrofits to any Wilson-Snyder or ball valve
  • Features a PLC-controlled actuator that can control all other shut-off valves
  • Push-button operation locally or remotely
  • Triple Redundancy – PLC, Manual Hydraulic, and Manual Operation
  • Automatic positive seating and unseating
  • Increases safety by eliminating coking or plug problems
  • Automatic switching ensures safety by eliminating exposure to high temperature hazards

Valve operation:

  • Controlled unseating
  • Plug supported during switch
  • Proper seating
  • Multiple means of switching
  • Operator safety
  • Reduce problems, costs, and less repair
  • Ability to retrofit existing valves

Enhanced process control:

  • Flexibility of switch control
  • Ability to integrate with process control
  • Knowledge of valve operation and position at all times
  • Switching from multiple locations
  • Redundancy of means to switch
  • Flexibility of package

Many options available, with capability to integrate custom options:

Fluid conditioning system
Pump drive system (steam turbine, pneumatic motor, electric motor)
Hydraulic hand pump
Manual motor control
Motor starters
Stainless steel sloped canopy top, top cover, diamond plate drip pan, HPCU enclosure
Coating (paint, powder coat)

Systems can be designed to accommodate additional valves, via a centralized HPU or remote self-contained actuators.

Customized hydraulic actuator solutions for DCU valves, namely the Wilson-Snyder Switch Valve. Additionally, the Phoenix provides features that make it suitable for a wide range of applications:

Overhead vapor valves
Steam blowdown control valves
Cutting water pump isolation valves
Quench extraction valves
Coke drum feed isolation valves
Coke drum switch valves (lift & turn plug type)
Light coker gas oil pump valves
Heavy coker gas oil pump valves
“Frac” bottoms valves
Unheading & deheading hydraulic valve actuators
Hydraulic power units for use with decoking tool winch