The Shrink Disc MultiTorque Tightening System by Texas Controls, it’s a patent pending device, for mechanical shrink disc’s tightening, specially designed for Wind Industry high-preformance nacelle plants.

This system includes a High Flow PowerPack, PLC controlled, programed with SmartTorque algorythm and a supporting frame fully customizable for every shrink disc application.

There are different versions for 2 or 4 torque wrenches, to be controlled only by a single or two operators.

  • Special Impact Sockets: Optimized design for an improved action. Adapted for any A/F sises.
  • Hoisting Points: The frame includes hoisting points for an easy and safe manipulation of the system.
  • Safety Handles: The operator manipulates the system only with one hand, by a safety handle, avoiding the risk of entrapment and pinching points of the torque wrenches.
  • Display & Camera under request: A display and small camera allows the operator to visualize the diametrically opposed torque wrench.
  • Security and Ergonomy: The Shrink Disc MultiTorque Tightening System, allows to face a slow, tedious and physically demanding task as the shrink disc tightening, in a simple, fast and comfortable way. System operators keep their hands away from the dangerous áreas during the tightening tasks and do not have to bear the weight of the hydraulic wrenches. The frame, manufactured in aircraft aluminium, guarantees lightness and strength of the system ans allows a easy handling at the plant.

Conectivity: The supporting frame has fully connectivity to the High Flow Powerpack through different connectors (electronic control, hydraulic and pneumatic power). The operator, therefore, controls hte full system via a single control handgrip. This ergonomic handgrip includes the positioning control of the wrenches as well as the tightening process.

Custom design and Smart Hydraulics: The Shrink Disc MultiTorque System is customized to every single customer application. Two or four wrenches are controlled by the system that includes an exclusive algorythm, developed by Texas Controls to optimize the piston movement of the wrenches. This software speeds up the tightening process by more than a 30% compared to other automatic torque powerpacks, reducing power consumption and increasing the efficiency. We could consider this algorythm, the core of the system.

Single user, twice faster: Shrink Disc MultiTorque System reduces the time-consumption of the tightening process by 60%, allowing to be performed by a single operator.

Efficiency in investment: The cost of investment of the Shrink Disc MultiTorque System is much lower compared to other systems based on direct tension techniques. Our system uses standard torque wrenches, easy to be removed fro the frame, that could be employed in standard torque operations at the manufacturing plant. The PowerPack can be used in manual mode as well as with standard wrenches, accelerating the return of the investment.

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