Texas Controls is the European Leader in the manufacturing of Hydraulic Power Units for torque and bolt tensioning tools.

Our designs and developments have proven to be the most reliable, user friendly and fastest units on the market, based on constant improvements achieved during our co-creation processes together with the end users.


  • PLC control display for messages and alarms
  • Specific maintenance programs such as oil changes and filters depending on the number of cycles performed


  • Pressure outputs contrary to the limiting valve, pressure gauge and display. Limited risks of projections to the user
  • Magnetothermic protection
  • Reset of magnetothermic from the outside
  • Emergency button


  • Compact design
  • Cable retractor


  • Firmware
  • Colour
  • Fast connections

Texas Controls presents a semi-automatic torque unit. This new version, is the only model in the market PLC controlled. It includes a convenient LCD display to show Messages and Alarms.

It includes as well Maintenance Utilities, so the user can control maintenance periods, total hours of usage, total hours since the last oil filter replacement etc…

The combination of a PLC control and a well proven hydraulics, converts the MK21s one of the most reliable and fastest torque unit of the market.

Available single phase 230V and 115V either 50 or 60 Hz, and three phase at different voltages.

Texas Controls presents a smart torque unit. The new algorithm controls the piston movement of any torque wrench, detecting in every cycle when full stroke have been reached, activating immediately the retract movement. This behavior leads to save several seconds per cycle, resulting in considerable time and energy savings. Just connect any torque wrench from any manufacturer, set the working pressure, perform a learning cycle and be ready to work fast as never before.

Available single phase 230V and 110V either 50 or 60 Hz, and three phase at different voltages.

Texas Controls has designed a new solution, special for Wind Turbine maintenance operations. This unit combines two different circuits for powering different kind of tools, torque wrenches and tensioners with the same unit.

The user can switch between both modes in the rocket switch of the handgrip. The unit combines the speed of the new Automatic torque unit MK31 and the proven reliability of the MK41 tensioning pump, sharing 90% of the spare parts.

Fully remote operated by the military handgrip, this unit was designed to get the best speed and reliability results in the market.

Available single phase 230V and 110V either 50 or 60 Hz, and three phase at different voltages.

At factory (assembly line) or in the field, speed is crucial, but also reliability, since these tools can be working 24/7 for months in harsh environments and in remote locations where instant service is an utopia.

Texas Controls design and manufacture many different special pumps for factory and field use. The speed and constant use requirements, together with different program configurations, has allowed us to develop all kind of pumps for all over the world.

High flow, high pressure, programmable ramps, data collection, linked to factory industrial computers, redundant systems are some example for possible options. It is also possible to customize the powerpack with your corporate color or logo upon request.