The major factor affecting the objective of plants with non-leaking flanged joints is human qualification. We should not confuse knowledge with qualification; we should not confuse experience with qualification. Knowledge together with experience is what guarantees qualification.

TEXAS CONTROLS has invested time and effort in promoting the proper training of personnel responsible for closing flanged joints.
Fortunately, our work begins to reap some success and guarantees: Both ASME in Appendix A of PCC-1-2013 as the draft DIN TS-1591 / 4 have begun to promote this concept with the intention of reaching the level of regulation in very few years.

Leak information indicates that the incorrect assembly of flanges is one of its main causes, and the analysis of these causes that the skills and practices do not ensure leak-free joints.
Texas training programs cover all aspects for opening flanges, inspection, preparation and closing. Before we start training we assure with the customer that the training matches the needs or characteristics of the plant, but always fit the agendas raised by the Appendix A of the ASME PCC-1-2013 and TS-1591/4.

From our entity, The Academy, we offer training courses that include practical sessions either at our facilities or at the customer’s plant that exceed the points of study required by any of the above mentioned documents.