During planned maintenance, your local MEA field service engineer will develop a plan for maintenance and repairs that will work within your scheduled downtime.

We understand that MEA INC equipment is used in critical and continuous processes in which problems can cause serious human or financial consequences. That is why MEA INC has prioritized our ability to respond to our clients whenever they need assistance – whether within a unit Turnaround or during an unplanned event. Our Field Service Engineers can assist in troubleshooting or if need be, schedule emergency service. MEA INC works to help you avoid problems that lead to profit loss, safety issues and unnecessary shut downs. As always, genuine parts and service come guaranteed.

Standard turnaround services include:

  • Service history of the equipment examined
  • Testing of current system and preparation of Pre-Service Report
  • Dismantle the system in a systematic order while checking variable systems
  • Inspect individual parts to determine viability until next turnaround
  • Replacement of consumable or damaged parts
  • Analyze products failing before the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)
  • Perform post build tests and calibrate the unit to specifications
  • Submit detailed service report and recommendations until next turn around