Lectrodryer has solved the problems associated with outmoded generator hydrogen dryers with the BAC-50 continuous operating automatic twin tower dryer.

Whether you’re operating or offline, drying remains constant. The regeneration chore is eliminated. The Lectrodryer BAC- 50 does it all for you, automatically and without operator involvement. The BAC-50 takes the risk out of moisture control and guards against damage causing moisture which can lead to costly repairs, down time, and losses in efficiency.

Lectrodryer dual tower hydrogen dryer utilizes the latest technology. Unlike single tower dryers, BAC-50’s advanced design offers greatly improved generator protection by continuous drying of the gas.

The BAC-50 Lectrodryer is an automatic dual tower unit for the continuous drying of hydrogen gas used in cooling turbine generators. The BAC-50 is used worldwide and can meet all known specifications including ASME, PED/ATEX and IECEx with certified components (IECEx certified assembly available as an option upon request). The BAC-50 is heat reactivated with high efficiency embedded electric heaters, and overtemperature protection. It can operate from seven standard voltages, and has NEMA 4 purged electrical enclosures to meet Hazardous Area Classification Cl 1, Div 2, Gr B or II3G, IIC, T4 for Zone 2.

The BAC-50 allows the continuous monitoring of the volume of water removed from the generator. The BAC-50 Lectrodryer generates an adsorption flow and a reactivation flow simultaneously. Flow can be continued through the generator and dryer even though the turbine may be on turning gear.

The BAC-50 Lectrodryer features ASME or PED carbon steel pressure vessels with embedded electric heater and flow booster in each adsorber vessel, initial charge of desiccant, two interlocked 4-way non-lubricated plug valves with double acting actuator, solenoid valve controls, 110 volt controls with control transformer, PLC, heater contactors, on-off switch, and a touch-screen operator interface for information on dryer status, sequence activity, alarms and maintenance information.

Inlet Dewpoint with 4-20 mA output and dual alarms.
Absolutely NO Hydrogen purging or venting.
Fully Automatic - No manual regeneration.
Integral Blowers - Maintain flow even during turning gear.
System per ASME B31.12 - for Hydrogen containing piping.
Closed Circuit Reactivation - with welded piping and stainless Steel tubing.
Internal Heaters – Low watt density and efficient even heat distribution.
Flexible Data Logging - Analyze trends through Ethernet or SD card.
Dual Tower Desiccant Beds – oversized for upset conditions, provide continuous drying.
Non-Lubricated Valves - no maintenance.
Electrical Enclosures - meet area requirements with a full PLC and touchscreen operator interface.
Protective Cage Enclosure - prevents tampering, protects operating personnel.
Over-Temperature Protection - extends heater life.
Approximate Weight: 1,800 pounds / 816 kg.
Dimensions: 43”W x 36”D x 78”H / 110cm x 92cm x 199cm
Outlet Dewpoint Monitor.
Oil vapor pre-filter prevents contamination of desiccant.
Water Discharge Monitoring measures the water that is being removed from the generator.
Custom DCS communication available.