The Lectrodryer Gas Optimization System is used for conditioning and monitoring the generator gases used in a hydrogen cooled generator: H2, CO2 and Air (Ar or N2 can be used in the place of CO2). Its flexible modular design can include any combination of components specially designed to meet your specific hydrogen cooled generator maintenance needs. It promotes safe and efficient operation, accurate timely readings resulting in gas savings.


The BAC-50 is a fully automatic dual tower unit utilizing regeneration type desiccant for the continuous drying of hydrogen gas even during turning gear. Reactivation is accomplished at operating pressure with a closed circuit system with no hydrogen purge loss. The BAC-50 is offered with inlet hygrometer which provides generator gas dew point information at case pressure. Pressure corrections are not required giving real time and accurate data. Lectrodryer’s proprietary sample loop guarantees proper sample flow and prevents probe contamination. Additional options include outlet dewpoint sensor, OVF-6 oil vapor pre-filter, and a water discharge monitor.


Integration of Gas Purity, Case Pressure and Fan Differential Pressure Information. Provides purity information of the generator gases including hydrogen, carbon dioxide, air, water vapor, or mixtures thereof. Purity measurement can be by density with no hydrogen loss or thermal conductivity. Redundancy options available.


Purging of the generator demands an accurate timely operation to have a safe and efficient generator gas degas and refill. This system facilitates gas handling and ensures that only one type of gas is being supplied to the generator. It can be supplied with hydrogen auto make up system, degas and refill automation, hydrogen totalizer and liquid level detectors. Lectrodryer’s design provides real time purity reading of the generator gases facilitating purging, reducing purge gases cost and saving time while ensuring a safe operation.


Lectrodryer’s unique design allows for quick degassing of the generator while preventing lines from clogging with dry ice due to the expansion of the CO2. The Fast Degas CO2 System reduces the time and cost involved during forced outages by allowing the generator to be purged and brought back online much more rapidly. This system also provides a risk mitigation tool to evacuate hydrogen during dangerous upset conditions providing a flow rate of up to 220 SCFM (370 NCMH). A CO2 totalizer is available to quantify CO2 usage.