Moisture is a major cause of poor product quality in industrial gas systems. Moisture-related impurities lead to downtime, costly repairs, product rejection, and lost production. If you’re concerned about what moisture might be doing to your industrial gas System, contact us. We will recommend you the proper dryer installation to meet your specifications and production requirements.

LLT Refrigeration-Type Industrial Gas Dryers

LLT Lectrodryer refrigeration type industrial dryers reduce the amount of moisture in gas system and greatly reduce the possibilities of product rejection caused by moisture. The LLT Lectrodryer is designed for simple trouble-free operation, providing the least expensive most thorough method of gas drying. The compact design requires a minimum of floor space.

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Landfill Gas Compressor System

The Lectrodryer Landfill Gas Compression System is designed to compress, clean, and deliver a volume of landfill gas at a specified pressure and quality. The LGCS strives for efficiency, one that minimizes initial cost and seeks to operate at the lower possible horsepower. Lectrodryer’s Landfill Gas Compression System is designed to meet customer specifications and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

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