Texas Controls is proud to announce the opening of Texas Controls Industrial, SAS, the company’s new subsidiary in Argentina, located in the district of Bahía Blanca, in the province of Buenos Aires.

Referring to the company’s arrival in Argentina, Frank Fernández, CEO of Texas Controls, expressed his satisfaction with its expansion, while maintaining its typically prudent business philosophy. “We are setting up in Argentina in the same way we did a few years ago in Brazil, together with some of our clients in the wind power sector, with whom we already have very solid partnerships in other countries,” said Fernández. “Texas Controls works with the firm commitment to provide the same standards of quality and service in every market, and that is why we prefer to be cautious, to grow slowly, and to always work with a high level of control and supervision.”

Enrique Pascual, Technical and Commercial Director of Texas Controls Brazil & Argentina, notes that since October 2018 the companies Moncobra, Lowind, ALE, Flexwind, CJR, and Reyco have already been working with equipment from Texas Controls on the construction of wind farms operated by Vestas, Goldwind, Senvion and Siemens-Gamesa. “Every day, we have new clients who contact us for our equipment, and so we are building up a significant supply of tools and replacement parts in the country. We already have a large number of pumps, hydraulic wrenches, tensioners and electric wrenches, with more equipment arriving in the coming months. At the same time, we are training technical personnel from our own team as well as our clients’, in order to be able to correctly attend to the market’s demands with the Texas Controls standard.

The choice of Bahía Blanca as the location for the company’s headquarters is largely due to the province’s bid to become the centre of wind power production in the country, although it also contains one of the main petrochemical centres in Argentina, with companies as significant as PPB Polisur, owned by Dow Chemical Company, or Compañía Mega, a corporation whose shareholders include YPF SA, Petrobras and Dow Argentina. In recent weeks, talks have begun with some of the companies operating in the petrol and chemical sectors, and we consider that Texas Control has an excellent future in the Argentinian market.


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