During the months of April and May we have carried out preload verification services on critical bolted joints for a total of 16 V126 model wind turbines for our client Vestas. The service has been carried out successfully, both for torque and tension tightening, in the Villalonga Wind Farm located in the province of Buenos Aires.

The BoltPilot® System is a Multi-Park platform that defines the entire wind farm, each turbine and its critical connections. A system designed to collect and record data by communicating via Smart Phone with Tools equipped with an intelligent system.

The platform exhaustively registers information related to the service performed such as: torque or load, the technician executing it, the tool used, the date and the time. The BoltPilot® controls, guides, secures and logs all tightening processes without interfering with existing processes and without allowing data manipulation. It identifies the ideal load level, and also informs whether it is below or above the ideal load.

Texas Controls has developed a new module and a set of sensors that make it possible to check previously executed tightening processes. This module is designed for construction projects and complements the main module, and makes it possible to record checks under the same platform, maintaining full traceability of the joint.

This is the first time we have worked with BoltPilot® in the southern cone, and thanks to the success of this pilot experience, we have just signed a new contract with Vestas for Argentina, and at the same time other clients are showing interest in the platform, both for Argentina and Brazil.

For more detailed information about the BoltPilot® System please visit our specific site: http://boltpilot.com/

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