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For almost 25 years, Texas Controls has been looking for solutions to problems in the industry, mainly in the field of instrumentation, wind prospecting and in the field of tightening and sealing critical flanged bolted joints. Concepts such as reliability, quality and designs focused on the “job to be done”, are characteristics of the complete range of products offered by Texas Controls.

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torque and tension hydraulic pumps range in white background
engineering services for oil and gas sector with engineers working in a petrochemical plant
engineering services for wind and solar sector with wind turbines and solar panels on the background


The customer orientation of our company, needs a human team according to that commitment. The field experience of the technicians of Texas Controls is the best guarantee to ensure that the proposed solutions are implemented in the best way, thus complementing the quality of the products offered by Texas Controls.

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Texas Controls enjoys practical experience in many different industries. Our experts understand the everyday aspects that your specific activity requires to an unmatched level of specialization that will offer you the possibility of perceiving Texas Controls as an Allied Partner in Torque, Tension and Controlled Bolting.


Every industry is unique, with special needs and requirements. Texas Controls brings value primarily though its expertise.

Oil & Gas

From Upstream, Transportation and Storage, Gas Processing, LNG, to Hydrocarbon processing our experience is not easy to match. Texas Controls engineering products and services offer solutions from empirically proven experiences that can help you optimize the design, construction, operation and maintenance assuring the most efficient use of your resources.

Wind Power

We are not aware of any other company with more experience in the Wind Power Industry. Our first application was on a 1Mw Wind Turbine prototype all the way back to 1988 at a time that this industry could be considered just a niche market. From that
day on, the level of development of special solutions has never stopped.

Power Generation

From Nuclear, Conventional Steam, Combined Cycle, Hydro to Solar Thermal our level of implication and understanding achieved through so many years of experience, we provide solutions that adhere and surpass the most stringent quality and safety standards.


Only from an internal perspective the wide number of complexity applications can be understood. Our everyday activities are strongly embedded in such demanding activities, from plant design and construction to problem solving activities at the maintenance, reliability and operation stages.

Civil Construction

Viaduct, Bridge Formwork together with many other critical activities in such a demanding environment are part of our extensive experience. We not only offer standard solutions but also specially designed products and services developed and supported by our engineering team.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Industries as such strive to meet a wide range of unique challenges. Understanding the level of needs, with company specific requirements, has become a habit to Texas Controls.


The metal industry is one of the most versatile industries. It requires perfection down to the smallest detail and top performance in difficult, sometimes extreme working conditions. The expertise of Texas Controls covers process development needs all the way to maintenance and reliability activities, from problem solving to efficient solutions.

Pulp & Paper

Understanding how highly competitive this industry, becoming an allied partner for Pulp and Paper producers required Texas Controls to help minimizing downtime while increasing production and quality while also minimizing cost. Our range of engineering products and services meet such strict industry specific requirements.