Texas Controls, born in 1995

as a result of many years of experience and search of solutions to critical needs that the process and energy industries were suffering. Although our activities could be perceived as numerous, they are focused on different needs that we experienced on very defined industries. Texas Controls is an engineering firm that through research and development, plant experience, manufacturing and specialized services has earned its prestige and respect among our industry. Leak Free Plants and Safe Bolted Joints are our main and strongest activity. It took some decades, hard work, plant experience and a lot of research and development to meet our dream of becoming the best sealing and bolting engineering firm in the world.


Our activity goes well beyond the design and manufacturing of the most advanced bolt tightening tools and static sealing gaskets, including many more engineering services such as bolt load calculations, procedures, bolt load measuring, plant supervision, problem diagnose and solutions, tool rental, fleet management and all kinds of testing at our Tech Center.

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